The Kelsey accelerates and advocates for housing that is inclusive of people with and without disabilities of all incomes. We are an impact-driven affordable housing startup working to execute new housing models, effectively deploy capital, shorten timelines, design high-quality housing that is fully inclusive to people of all abilities and incomes, and advance our field to make more possible. 

How We Accomplish Our Mission




Accelerate and coordinate the development of inclusive residential communities for people with and without disabilities, of all incomes in partnership with best-in-class local 
for-profit and non-profit developers.

The Kelsey Ayer Station,
San Jose, CA
The Kelsey Civic Center,
San Francisco, CA



Unlock philanthropic, private,
and public capital to accelerate impact, innovate new housing strategies, and de-risk development models for commercial and government adoption.

Our Supporters


Lead field-building and increase capacity for a robust, well-resourced inclusive housing sector through policy advocacy, community organizing and awareness, and technical assistance.

Together We Can Do More
Initiative and Report



Meet the critical need for affordable housing for people with disabilities. 

Millions of Americans with disabilities at risk of homelessness, live with caregivers who are quickly aging, or are required to live in isolating institutional settings. We’ll build units for people with disabilities that let people control their housing decisions, access full community, and connect to the services they desire.

Build a mixed-income, mixed-ability community where people are connected and diversity is an asset.

Extensive research, interviews, and site visits have taught us that what people with disabilities desire in housing — affordability, support, autonomy, connection to community, easy access, good design, and quality amenities — are the same as what everyone desires. We’ll build a community that meets the residential needs of a diverse population.

Focus on locations with significant affordable housing needs and resources to leverage.

While inclusive housing should exist everywhere, we're interested in places that support independence and provide access to community, arts, services, employment, public transit, recreation, and beyond. Our focus is regions where great need exists alongside available resources to meaningfully address the challenge. We're analyzing locations to select the best spot for a pilot site.

Create a model that is financially sustainable and scalable.

We’ll apply finance strategies from affordable housing, utilize impact investing, and build in cross-subsidies. Our model is designed to be scalable. Strategies will be open-sourced so others can replicate locally.




because it benefits all of us.


because together our impact is greater


because this is a big challenge requiring big solutions.


because we're in this for the long haul.



because it's always possible.

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