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Eric's #MyOwnHome Story

We're so excited to welcome Eric Mondragon to The Kelsey as our Communications and Public Affairs Manager. Eric got to know The Kelsey well over the last year as a Together We Can Do More participant and supporting our development efforts in San Francisco. You can find more about Eric in his bio here.

As with everyone on our team, we asked Eric to share his #MyOwnHome story...

My oasis, my sanctuary, the place where I dream, laugh and create memories—#MyOwnHome. In it, I feel most empowered. It’s the place that both lets me relax with a glass of wine or inspires me to get outdoors and be active. It's where I connect with friends or enjoy time alone.
When I moved into my first studio in San Francisco, it meant independence. I lived downtown and though bustling with activity, it was my quiet place. Every morning meant shuffling to my kitchen to make coffee and sit in my little breakfast nook to feel the warm sunlight, and people-watch. My place allowed me to explore my neighborhood, nearby festivals, concerts, farmers markets, restaurants, and shops, but most importantly to make friends. 
Whether my first apartment in Houston or my first studio in San Francisco, one thing stood—it’s all about choice (style, location, size, layout, etc.). For me, I enjoy the personalization, and being able to do what I can to make my place feel like home, through furniture, plants and interior design.
However, some never have this opportunity, and for those with developmental disabilities, less than 20% of all people own or rent their own home. I’m thrilled to join the team at The Kelsey and make more possible!
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