Key Phrases and Words Defined

These are some of the terms and phrases we use often at The Kelsey. This doesn't include a list of technical terms and acronyms around affordable housing and disability; you can find those in the Learn Center.

Inclusion Concierge are the staff who live on site and work full-time in The Kelsey's housing communities. They help build community among our residents of all abilities, connect people to paid and natural supports and services, engage broader connection to neighborhoods and cities, and are available to support residents when challenges or issues arise. They plan regular events for the community including Inclusion Hours. The Inclusion Concierges are a valuable amenity for all residents — part cruise director, part service coordinator, and part resident advisor.

Inclusion Hours are a signature program of The Kelsey. They are events that bring people with and without disabilities, of all backgrounds, incomes, and identities together, to build community, connect with new people, enjoy fun events, learn new skills, serve the community, or engage in important discussions. Within The Kelsey's residential communities there will be regular Inclusion hours for residents, neighbors and community members. Past inclusion hours have included Q&As with elected officials, Inclusive Yoga, Paint Nights, film viewings, topic-specific speakers, open mic events, among others.

Mixed Ability, Mixed Income Housing refers to communities where there are homes for people across a range of incomes and people with and without disabilities. The homes are fully integrated in the same building(s).

Inclusion Natives. At The Kelsey, we talk a lot about inclusive communities and the type of people who would want to live in them. We often use the term “Inclusion Natives” to describe people with and without disabilities who grew up in inclusive settings. As adults today, these are the kinds of individuals who’d be drawn to mixed ability, mixed income housing. These Inclusion Natives expect inclusion -- and they’ll even pay for it -- but the real estate market has yet to deliver the inclusive housing stock they desire. More on Inclusion Natives the blog here..

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