Each year, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (Giving Tuesday) provides us all with an opportunity to reflect on some of the changes we would like to see in our communities and how we can help make those changes. At The Kelsey, we celebrate by asking our community to share their #MyOwnHome story and raise awareness of the fact that too many people with disabilities never have the experience of having their own home.

To help craft your story, try these guiding questions, statistics and call to actions.

Part 1: Share Your Story on Social Media

  • How does your home make you feel? 

  • Where did you first live on your own and what was it like? 

  • What would your dream home look like?

Part 2: Add A Statistic 

  • Less than 12% of all people with developmental disabilities own or rent their own home. 

  • Almost 70% of adults with disabilities still live at home with their parents because of a lack of supportive, affordable housing in the community.  

  • Average rents are 113% of a person with a disability's *entire* SSI income. 

Part 3: Finish with a Call to Action

  • Join me in supporting The Kelsey this #GivingTuesday to help make inclusive housing a reality for people of all abilities and incomes. Share your #MyOwnHome story and give at

Part 4: Extra Credit!

  • Get others to share their story! Help us make more possible. Include a link to and tag The Kelsey (@thekelseymore)

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