Navigating adulthood as a person with a disability can be challenging. People often feel isolated and unsupported. Despite spending billions on education for children with disabilities, promised opportunities for inclusion and independence aren’t available after those children turn 22.

Housing is in short-supply.   Studies show people with disabilities are discriminated against in rental housing more than any other population.   People with disabilities are priced out of almost every housing market. Less than 12% of people with developmental disabilities own or rent their own home. Millions are at risk of homelessness or institutionalization.

Choices in housing and opportunities for inclusion in the community are limited.  Approaches are often are one-size-fits-all and fail to serve the broad range of disabilities and needs. Dominant housing models fail to include people with disabilities within the larger community or alongside residents without disabilities.

Housing strategies often aren't scalable or financially sustainable. Institutional settings are still being created. Regulations are believed to stifle innovation and entrepreneurship. Expensive and outdated models are still utilized.

A solution for the disability housing crisis that is financially sustainable, rooted in partnership, built for scale, and fully inclusive. 

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